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Seminar By H.H.Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaj Happiness Simplified Session-3 (University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia) Date: 25th December, 2012

Excerpts from the class.
  • What is the cause of suffering? Although we don't want it still it comes uninvited. The cause is wrong/sinful activities.
  • There are two types of action
  1. Piety
  2. Sinful activity: those which are not desirable.
  • Newton's 3rd law: Perform austerities to get good results.
  • Principle of Karma: good actions (piety) leads to enjoyment, wrong actions (sin) leads to suffering.
  • Karma kanda section teaches you how to fulfill your desires in the right way. eg, Caitanya Mahaprabhu's pastimes with the girls on the bank of Ganges who worshiped Lord Shiva to get a good husband (a Vedic injunction).
  • Yad pada pallava yugam... vighnam vihantum almasya jagatrasya it is by mercy of Nrsinghdeva Ganesh acquires the ability to remove the impediments on one's life path.
  • King doesn't need the law, but he creates it for the benefit of the citizens. Breaking the law shows defective mentality.
  • Purpose behind suffering of prisoner is to give them a chance to rectify themselves.
  • Institutional laws are for the smooth functioning and peaceful operation of an institution
  • Dharma is the inherent characteristic of a substance.
  • Difference between a lion and a tiger is that as soon as a tiger sees you, you are in great trouble. Whereas a Lion is noble by nature and won't kill any animal if not hungry.
  • When Krsna tells us to give up all the dharma, he implied to give up your varnasrama dharma. Why? Because he wants to give up this dharma of the body, i.e. varnasrama dharma. Dharma of spirit soul is to love the supreme. Love begins with surrender, especially between senior and junior. Therefore Krsna at end says surrender unto me.
  • Cause of suffering is sin i.e. indulgence in improper or undesirable actions.
  • Prarabdha: sinful/pious activities' mature reactions. Aprarabdha: those reactions which haven't become activated. Kutam: dormant stage. Bijam: sinful activity at a stage of seed. Phalam: almost fructified.
  • Good luck is a result of good karma from the past.
  • Surrender and see what happens to you. The test of the pudding is in eating it. Until and unless one is fully surrendered one must act on the varnasrama platform.
  • Krsna cares about becoming conscious of Him. Seeing how everything is related to Him and how everything can be used to serve Him.
  • Being a fool before spiritual master doesn't mean forfeiting one's intelligence.
  • Spiritual life is considered to be a razor's age because material nature is very precarious, but still Krsna will give him protection, if he is surrendered. When one committs Vaisnava aparadha then even Krsna cannot help.
  • A devotee's mood and prayer to Krsna is, I may even reject You, but please You don't reject me.
  • Krsna consciousness is a matter of purity of heart. I am surrendering everything my mind, body and intelligence unto You. I don't know what to do, now You please take care.
  • We have to be tolerant and compassionate towards others because as one keeps practicing he will become pure.
Q: When we see the spiritual master suffering from a disease how do we understand it?
A: The main consideration is not what is happening to the spiritual master due to the disease, but how he is unaffected by it. The spiritual master sees it as a chance to become fixed up in Krsna consciousness. His attitude is let it happen to the body, I am standing aside.

Q: Krsna says in the 7th canto that He is aware of our problems and asks us to be patient until He solves it. Why does He not solve our troubles immediately? Why does He take so much time? Is the time taken the faith building experience?
A: Krsna's time passes very slowly, so we must be patient and have faith that since we have surrendered to Him, Krsna will take care.
Q: Why do Sannyasis carry a danda?
A: Sannyasis identify that they made a mistake by disregarding Krsna and therefore they carry a danda to remember that.

Q: Can bhakti be achieved by sukriti?
A: Bhakti cannot be achieved by any sukriti as per Vishvanath Chakravarti Thakura in Madhurya Kadambini. Bhakti cannot be given even by Krsna since then he would be called biased and He says samoham sarva bhutesu... One receives bhakti by the mercy of a devotee especially one who is preaching, who goes out of his way to give bhakti.

Q: What is the sign of spiritual progress?
A: Spiritual progress means no doubt. Yes, Krsna is my master, I am His servant and my job is to surrender unto Him.

Q: Why do devotees leave Krsna consciousness when there is suffering?
A: Devotees don't just leave due to suffering but leave due to loss of faith. No matter whatever happens, don't leave the association of devotees.

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