Monday, 7 January 2013

H.H. Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaj in Q & A session with Namahatta leaders @ Sydney

Excerpts from the discussion. Some of point are paraphrased since I couldn't note down the exact wordings.
  • Not that everyone who comes will stay. If the situation is such that everyone is very excited then only people will stay.
  • Let there be a mission statement or goal to look forward to.
  • Temples are the units of Iskcon. Let people visit temples on weekends.
  • Let the regular programs be held on weekdays so that it doesn't cause interference with retreats and visiting devotees classes on weekends.
  • Ultimate consideration should be to bring them to Iskcon and to make them do something in the temple.
  • Spiritual life means service, not just at home but also at the temple.
  • Give them recognition and incite excitement.
  • Set objectives and make things exciting.
  • The mood should not be that it is an Indian program.
  • If only Indians are coming that means there is no preaching at all.
  • Krsna consciousness if presented properly will be appealing to everyone since it has a universal application.
  • How much can a householder do since he has to devote time to the family as well, but a youth even if joins for a short while and leaves does a lot for the society since they bring youthful enthusiasm and have the drive to achieve something.
  • To keep those who are already here and get newer ones to participate.
  • Vaisesika Prabhu from San Jose the biggest book distributor in Iskcon, teaches the householders how to do book distribution and has achieved amazing results.
  • Getting initiation is not important but following is more important.
  • Preaching is a dialogue/communication.
  • Caitanya Mahaprabhu: King, General : Srila Prabhupada, Army: Iskcon, Enemy: Kali. Involvement of soldiers must not just be an intellectual involvement rather it should have a bigger practical side.
  • Don't give much importance to money, Krsna is not poor.

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