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Seminar By H.H.Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaj Happiness Simplified Session-4 (University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia) Date: 25th December, 2012

Excerpts from the class.
  • Every aspect of spiritual realm is a person, Krsna, His abode, His paraphernalia are also persons. Balarama expands as articles of service for Krsna.
  • In Vraja ever ything is animate, meaning ecstatic. Everything is moving, not static but ecstatic, meaning conscious infact superconscious.
  • Criteria for entering the spiritual sky is we must be tuned in Krsna consciousness.
  • Dharma is in the form of a bull. Mother Earth is in the form of a cow. Four legs of dharma. When the leg of austerity when broken them meat eating increases. When the leg of mercy is broken then intoxication increases. When the leg of cleanliness is broken then illicit sex increases. When the leg of truthfulness is broken then gambling or falsity increases.
  • When legs of dharma break then legs of adharma grow. When you reject these four sinful activities legs of sin are broken.
  • Kali's business is to introduce adharma. Initially in South Africa during the time of Apartheid intoxication and illicit sex was banned.
  • Krsna consciousness movement or Iskcon is Caitanya Mahaprabhu's arrangement to establish dharma.
  • In order to counteract Kali first we have to practice ourselves. Influence of association of devotees is very powerful. Hrsikesh Prabhu from US gave up Heroin addiction in association of Srila Prabhupada himself.
  • Household life is the life of attachment. In varnasrama one is allowed to act according to his propensities and state of mind.
  • Colon cancer and Osteoporosis have been clinically proven to be caused by meat eating. When meat is digested it rots quickly and becomes toxic. Therefore carnivorous animals have small length of intestines. Whereas the herbivorous animals have long length of their intestines.
  • Due to impurities we become entangled with the body. The spirit soul has attachment for Krsna's service.
  • Purpose of love is to become united with Krsna.
  • Greek dramas end in tragedy. Vedic dramas end in prosperity, peace and joy.
  • None of the materialistic love affairs ever reach there perfection. This love is not meant for anyone but Krsna.
  • If we have to become spiritualized then we must develop our relationship with Krsna. 
  • Happiness is a material consideration, we want rather to become joyful.
  • If we become submerged in spiritual joy, we will feel so much love for Krsna in every activity.
  • When your desire to be with Krsna is powerful and intense enough then Krsna arranges for you to come back. 
  • Kuti: tendency to do bad things. Nati: tendency to act in a way we should not. To be free from Kuti Nati give up Gramya Katha i.e. don't speak anything other than Krsna.
  • Don't stop the tendency to love, but dovetail it or guide it in such a way that we go deeper into it that what is the source or inspiration behind it and then we reach Krsna and love Him.
  • Waiting for an exchange from Krsna is actually our deficiency. Krsna already loves us, it is just that we are not loving Him. It is when our heart becomes full of gratitude then we will begin to love Krsna.
  • The degree of happiness and joy and misery depends on the depth of relationship. Whatever be the experience we must always remember that our business is to become Krsna conscious.
  • Our relationship with Krsna is the real relationship and in that there is no suffering and the deeper one goes the more joy one feels.
  • For serving the vani there is no hindrance or impediment, there may be difficulty in serving the vapu. Service to vani is more important and can be more personal since spiritual master is also in your heart and that awareness can be very deep.
  • When we are sick and we stop our service then we can serve in our subtle body. Transcending our subtle body when we come to the the spiritual platform and render service to Krsna, that is pure devotion.
  • Initially we render devotional service in practice, then we begin to get the taste, the taste is so relishable that then we want it to continue.
  • Make it a point to remember that how it is such a wonderful gift of Krsna (devotees association) then when we love somebody it will be difficult to become judgmental and competitive with him.

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